VIRTUAL: Groton Reads and Gardens: New Perennials: A Love Story

Tuesday, February 217:00—8:00 PMZoom

New Perennials: A Love Story” is a personal introduction to design principles of the New Perennial Movement—whose members inspired a world-changing shift toward naturalistic gardens. In the US, their influence can be seen in New York’s High Line, Chicago’s Lurie Garden, the Oudolf Meadow at Delaware Botanic Gardens, and Oudolf Garden Detroit. Deborah Chud’s 6 years of research on these gardens (and many others) led to her own, highly unusual New Perennial garden and the only known database of New Perennial plant combinations. Part 1 traces her discovery of the work of the New Perennial Movement’s preeminent designers, her research on their plant combinations, and her use of that research to create a garden in their style. Part 2 explores the historical context in which the New Perennial movement emerged. And Part 3 provides an introduction to the ideas underlying New Perennial gardens—particularly a new concept of structure and a special balance between coherence and contrast that approximates nature’s own. At the end of the talk, Deborah offers practical “dos & don’ts” for solving the problem of excessive contrast. 

Made possible by the Groton Public Library Endowment Trust.

Capacity: 252 of 300 spaces available.

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