Food as Medicine with Kathy Yang Brought to you by the Plant Powered Group

Wednesday, January 57:00—8:00 PMZoom

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses natural foods as medicine for promoting health, preventing disease and maintaining or losing weight. A healthy diet depends on your individual body type and its balance of yin (cooling and wet) and yang (warming and dry) foods. Choosing the right diet for you begins with understanding what foods are healing and what foods are disruptive for your digestive system, i.e. digestion, absorption, and elimination.

This discussion will address common questions about a healthy diet from a TCM perspective, such as:

• What should I eat to be healthy?

• How many vegetables should I be eating in a day?

• Why should we eat more vegetables?

• When should I eat my meals?

• Can food affect my mood?

• Is chocolate good or bad?

Kathy is passionate about sharing her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help people attain health and balance—spiritually, mentally and physically. Kathy received her Master’s degree with distinction in Chinese Medicine from Middlesex University in London, UK with a joint degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She also holds a BSc in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Boston University and was honored with the Scarlet Key Award, one of the University’s highest academic honors. Kathy brings a wide range of clinical experience and knowledge working in a Beijing hospital and in neuroscience research at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. 

Generously sponsored by members of the Plant Powered Group.

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